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Making a Difference DVD

A 13-minute DVD featuring members and pastors reflecting on the small church community experience. Making a Difference explores the challenge of slowing down, noticing one's life, getting in touch with, and learning to share something of one's faith. Reflections touch on a range of themes, including: the role of scripture, men and small communities, silence, young adults, outreach, pastor investment and involvement. Useful for a wide range of groups, small church communitites, pastoral council, pastoral staff, adult faith formation, catechumenate, general parish use for the purpose of inviting parishioners to become involved. The video below features Bro. Bob Moriarty, Director of Small Christian Communities, speak about how the DVD came about and the importance of small church communities.
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Quest and Summer Reflections

Developed, published, and distributed exclusively by SCC, the Quest and Summer Reflections books provide small community members detailed yet flexible guidance for holding small community sessions every week of the year. Free samples are available.
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Free Resource Library

More than 100 physical (paper) books related to small church community are available for use at our office.
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Gatherings Free Newsletter

Gatherings is our free small church communities newsletter.


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Past issues:
Winter 15, Fall 12, Spring 12, Fall 11,Winter 11,Fall 10,Summer 10, Winter 10 Special Edition, Fall 09, Spring 09, Winter 08, Fall 08, Spring 08, Winter 07, Fall 07, Fall 06, Spring 06, Winter 05, Fall 05, Spring 05, Winter 04, Winter 03, Fall 03, Fall 02, Spring 02, Fall 01.

Customizable flyers to help you promote your small Christian community

These colorful two-sided flyers discuss the need to “Step Back, Slow Down, and Notice Your Life.” Each flyer has a brief commentary on the benefits and importance of participating in a small church community, plus space for you to print your contact information so that interested people can reach you.
Item # 41907 | 8.5" X 11" | 100 sheets per packet | $10.00 USD (plus S&H) | Call us to order.

White Papers

“Identifying a Core Team”

A two-stage process by which a parish can identify a leadership group to implement a small church community.
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“Imaging Initiation in Small Church Communities”

The Rite of Christian Initiation clearly assigns responsibility for initiation to all the baptized. This emerging relationship between initiation ministry and small church communities opens a path to a deeper embrace of that responsibility.
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“Parish and Small Church Communities”

2001 article reprinted from America Magazine.
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“Small Church Communities and the Pastoral Formation of the Seminarian as a ‘Man of Communion’”

Developing small church communities is crucial for realizing John Paul II's vision for the church of the new millennium.
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Books for Sale

Akamwani: The Challenges of Bible Sharing in Small Christian Communities

A Tanzanian Catholic Sister's experiences and insights on Small Christian Communities (SCCs) over many years. By Rita Ishengoma. 128 Pages.
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An Experience of World Church in Miniature

A report on The International Consultation on Small Christian Communities, Cochabamba, Bolivia in November 1999.
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Small Christian Communities Today: Capturing the Moment

This inspiring book shows what is happening across six continents in Small Christian Communities (SCCs) today. Edited by Joseph G. Healey and Jeanne Hinton. 224 pages.
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